Mum’s Home Office: Feeling the Chill?

I’ve just been sent some interesting ideas on how to cut the chill factor in your home or office. I’ve just been and bought something similar to the Ecoflap (£19.99) which, stop winds whistling through your letter box. I have yet to install mine, so it’s not helping much yet – but at least I’m thinking about it.

Chimney pillow
Chimney pillow

What I need next is a Chimney Pillow (£18.99) a hardwearing and tear resistant inflatable bag that you place up the chimney to stop cold draughts.  We opened up our chimney which the previous occupiers had behind their cooker, but I suspect alot of our heat is disappearing up the gap that’s there until we find a woodburing stove.

The final idea is a Radiator Booster  (£19.99)– as seen on Dragons Den – which sits on top of radiators, and uses a small fan to capture the heat that comes out the back of your radiator, circulating it better into your room. It heats the room faster, retrieves lost energy, and reduce your heating bills.  It could save an average household between £70 and £140 per year.

Have you got any heat saving tips to help mums working from home stay warm?

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