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Ellingworth family 2009Small Business Expert and Owner of Simon Ellingworth; has balanced being the main care provider of two children under 5 with establishing, operating, even selling businesses from home over the last six years.

“Many Dads ask me how it feels to be a stay at home Dad and I always reply – go home kiss your wife and tell her you will never be able to fully appreciate how hard she works for so little reward and recognition.

That is why I love running my own home based business, it keeps me sane, but more importantly it gives me the sense of self worth that men really do need.

To make it work however takes discipline. Firstly, I’d highly recommend a separate work and living space or these two functions simply merge and everyone gets frustrated.

Secondly, work effectively. Write a prioritised to-do list at the end of the day for the following one. Go to your work space and work your way through that list. Do NOT be tempted with distractions like checking your email and getting sucked into tasks which are not a priority. I dedicate the last 30 minutes to emails, etc.

After that, I’d advise anyone who works from home to try to punch above their weight and look as professional as possible. I use a 0845 number which is answered 24/7 by a professional receptionist who answers in my business name and tells callers I’m with a client and will call them back. It costs less than a £1 a call, but I never miss a call or fail to impress a potential client. These and a host of other FREE Business Resources to help you take your business to the next level are waiting for you at

I think overall, I now have the best of both worlds, but it’s been a tough journey”

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