Women short-changed by ‘lipstick entrepreneur’ label

From Prowess:
Criticism is emerging of the new media-friendly labels for female entrepreneurs, suggesting that they undermine women in business and negatively influence Government attitudes.  ‘Lipstick entrepreneurs’, the term created for cosmetics brand Avon by trends consultancy Future Laboratory to lead their recent research into female entrepreneurship, is the latest example.  These tags have spread rapidly through the media and are leaving women feeling marginalised.   Men in business do not find themselves similarly labelled, suggesting that women entrepreneurs are far from being taken seriously.  Critics have suggested that these labels are a symptom of this wider problem that plagues the women’s enterprise sector, resulting in inconsistent and largely lukewarm support from Government.  Commentators call for greater recognition that women face the same, if not more, challenges as men in launching and growing a new enterprise, and are done no favours by media stereotyping.   Read more at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/yourbusiness/6935970/The-Government-is-still-paying-lipservice-to-lipstick-entrepreneurs.html

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