Are You Being Paid Less than a Man?

According to the EHRC, there are new proposals for employers to publish their gender pay gap

Employers that choose to analyse and report publicly their gender pay gaps will receive limited immunity from investigation, the Commission has announced. As part of the Commission’s drive to increase gender equality in the workplace, this unprecedented step aims to encourage businesses to adopt voluntary measures to analyse and make public their gender pay gaps.

The Commission has released proposals outlining the voluntary measures organisations with more than 250 employees can use to publish information on pay differentials between men and women. The proposals come as a result of a unique consultation process led by the Commission and involving representatives from the CBI, TUC and other stakeholders including business, the voluntary sector, trades unions and equal pay experts.

Forty years since the Equal Pay Act women are still on average paid 20.2 per cent less per hour than men (combining full-time and part-time earnings). The gap is wider in the private sector (25.6 per cent) than in the public (18.8 per cent).

According to the Commission’s figures half of all employers view reducing pay discrimination as a high priority, with more than half of employers (57 per cent) analysing or planning to analyse their gender pay gap. However, only 9 per cent of employers currently report pay gap information to staff outside of the human resource team. One in five employers actively discourage or forbid discussion of employees’ pay.

Evidence gathered for the Commission shows that far fewer private sector employers are taking action to close the gender pay gap. The Commission believes that increasing transparency is crucial to addressing the difference between what women and men earn.

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