Book Review: The Guide by William Holden

41CJG3jmmNL._SL160_If I had to write one sentence about The Guide it would be: “this is a fantastic, must read”.

In the opening pages ‘to the reader’, we are told that, ‘this is not a book to be rushed. It’s to be studied and savored’. I whole heartedly agree with this, however, it was at times difficult to achieve because I just couldn’t wait to read the next page and the next.

It is written in the style of a novel, with the premise being two life long friends, Maya and Paul, who grew up together, and through the years strived to find success in their lives, but with varying degrees of failure. Each had got married and had a family, still searching for the thing that would bring success and happiness for themselves, their families and each other. Subsequently, their lives and work had moved them apart and they had not been in contact for the past 12 months.

When Maya eventually contacted Paul, it was to tell him that she had found the answer! She knew what was responsible for the success or failure in people’s lives, and more importantly, how to consciously take control of it. So they arrange to meet.

At the first meeting she tells how she has learnt the secret behind everything that happens in our lives. She offers to be his guide and teach him how to overcome any challenges he might face in order to achieve any right and proper desire he might have in life.

As the book continues, they meet time and time again and she shares these lessons and guides him through the teachings she has learnt. At the end of each lesson, or chapter, it tells how Paul goes away and utilizes these teachings and the results they have on him and others around him, whether that be his family of work colleagues.

As I am not a religious person, I did wander, to begin with, how comfortable I was going to feel with the ‘practical lessons on how to connect with and channel a great creative and universal power’. I can honestly say, however, that this did not defuse my enthusiasm as I read further.

As Paul moves through his lessons he becomes more and more excited and passionate, and I have to say that I joined him. I enjoyed this book more and more with each chapter. I was surprised to find that rather than just being a nice inspirational read, it holds very practical advice along with some in depth explanations on subjects like our self talk and consciousness, the impact they have on all of us and how we can control them to deliver the results we desire in life.

The penultimate chapter is a master class in goal setting, which is invaluable. Not only is it extremely detailed, it also is easy to understand and exceptionally easy to follow, and not to be missed.

I have recommended that everyone I know read this book, as I would say it is impossible to read without it affecting the outlook, life and future of them, their families and anyone they came into contact with in some way, whether that be something small, or completely life changing.

The Guidecosts around £15.95 at time of writing

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  • I’ve recently read this book and have to agree entirely with this review. If you read it with an open mind then you can’t fail to be inspired and moved by it. By chapter 12 I could already feel my life changing for the better. Go and buy it, it could be the best £20 you ever spent.

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