Flexible Business Opportunity: FM Group UK trading as ParfumbyNumbers

FM Group UK trading as ParfumbyNumbers

fm logo
FM logo

FM GROUP is a very fast growing company in the perfume market. It has been created by young people, which is why they are able to respond to needs and wishes of our customers and distributors quickly. Fragrance for the perfumes is created by the one of the biggest companies in the world with a 100 year tradition which is growing very fast and has its bases in Europe, Australia, United States, China and Brazil, to name a few. Recently the company launched its range of make-up.

As with anything you do for yourself, the more time you dedicate to it the quicker you will achieve the outcome desired. However, as a mum to 7 year old twins my time is limited so I use it wisely in order to maximise revenue, so id say 5-10 hours a week is suffice although its entirely up to the individual.

You HAVE to like perfume and smelling good! Goes without saying, but generally perseverance, the ability to speak to people, socialise, and look presentable are really only the key ingredients required to succeed in this business. Although a little bit of a tough skin wouldn’t go amiss, as with anything you are not going to appeal to everyone!

Tell me the facts

fm perfume logo
fm perfume logo

Date Established: FM Group UK formed Jan 2006, originated in Poland Sep 2004

What You Offer: Network Marketing/Direct Selling/Mini Franchise

Initial Start up Costs: £24.50 or £42.00 dependant on which starter kit purchased

Ongoing monthly costs e.g fees for accounting / marketing / advertising support:

Entirely up to the individual, some choose to spend on adverts some don’t.

Annual costs e.g renewing licenses: None

Training offered:

One to One initial training given, monthly training thereafter to “brush-up” and also bi-annual general meetings, available to be utilized if so required.

Support offered:

All associates receive support on an on-going basis, newsletters sent monthly, 3-way telephone conversations available, as well as emails and one to one meetings as and when required. Extensive training material and daily news available on the company website accessed through a personal password and membership number.

How to find out more:

Telephone 07742 265282

Email missdill30@aol.com

Website www.parfumbynumbers.com

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