New Mumpreneur Group Launches

Mumpreneur GroupWhen the opportunity arose for Natalie Hickey to help fellow Mumpreneurs raise the profile of their businesses, she simply couldn’t resist. In December 2009 a networking site aimed at mums in business was put up for sale. The basis of the site was in place but there was room for development. After starting an online business, Precious Parcels, in 2008, Natalie saw it as an opportunity to help established and new Mumpreneurs with their business efforts. The aim to create a completely free and thriving online community of likeminded individuals to help support each other through different business ventures.

Natalie, 30 and mum of one to George, is an award winning mumpreneur herself named “Best Start up Business” at the Mumpreneur Conference 2009. Natalie says: “I’ve had so much fun and success with Precious Parcels that I want to show other Mums that running your own business is always a possibility. It’s a fantastic chance for me and other Mumpreneurs to share our experiences and further our knowledge, whilst enabling all of our businesses to grow in a positive way.

“The Mumpreneur website currently provides a place for mums to network, an index to list their business, useful articles and guest blogs as well as a number of other features all at no cost to members. I have exciting plans for the website’s future including regional site developments to allow mums to connect quickly plus some other exciting new features over the next few months.”

The original Mumpreneur Group (previously known as ‘Mompreneur Group’) was set up in January 2009 and Natalie quickly established herself as a member having an article published on the website, helping to drive new traffic and create a buzz about her online business Precious Parcels. Having a low budget as a start-up business, free advertising was hard to come by, but the nature of Mumpreneur Group made it possible and assisted in her early days of success in her venture.

Without doubt once the website had been announced for sale Natalie knew she had to put in an offer. Natalie said: “Despite being incredibly busy with Precious Parcels and the run up to Christmas, once I knew the website was for sale I could not sleep that night. Call me mad but I didn’t once think about ways the site could make money, I didn’t want it to! Just the opportunity to shout to other mums and the world ‘You CAN run your own business and be a mum!’ was enough.”

Mumpreneur Group boasts an impressive amount of information and opportunities including member spotlights, forums, competitions and member’s articles. If you are a mum in business or are even thinking about the opportunities that may be available, join Natalie and the other Mumpreneurs currently enjoying success through the free online networking at

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