Earn Money from Blogging: e-buzzing launches in the UK

If you’re looking to earn money from your blog, a new site launch in the Uk is going to be of interest. More and more mummy bloggers are finding that blogging has unexpected benefits – days out, products to review, plus of course the downside of being pestered by PRs. But do you want to find out about blog monetisation? ebuzzing is a website that actually pays you to post content related to their campaigns. Earlier this year I linked to an anti smoking campaign of theirs. It is a requirement of the campaigns that you put ‘sponsored post’ somewhere alongside.The plus sides of ebuzzing:

  • no-one hassles you to take part. You get an email announcing campaigns that you can take part in and it’s up to you to write about it if you wish.
  • it is paid: you get a payment of around 40 euros per post.
  • you can feature video campaigns (dedicated players and banners) and content creation campaigns – creating branded content
  • you don’t have to be unremittingly positive – check out the blogger below.

On the downside:

  • technically the site is slightly tricky to navigate. It may take more than one go to get your first few posts approved – but the staff are very helpful.
  • you need to earn over a certain threshold (50 Euro) and wait some weeks before payment actually comes through.

Have a look at the ebuzzing blog post ” Why you should join ebuzzing” for more information on previous campaigns and to see if you’d like to sign up or follow this link to register on ebuzzing.com Sponsored Post

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