Budget Tips for Busy Families

Do you end up with too much month at the end of the money? If you’re trying to stay on budget in 2010, here are some easy ways to save. Put a little effort in up front and you’ll be able to make your budget meet your bills every month.

Set a Budget. Look through last month’s bank statement and note down where the money goes. Then set this month’s budget for food and other essentials.

Remember to try to put aside a little each month towards unexpected and occasional expenses. Put your budget where you can see it every day and note down how things are going through the month.

Shop online. Try doing the grocery order online. Not only will you save time, I find it much easier to order what I need and not fall for tempting treats.

Shop around. Don’t pay out too much for bills like car insurance, home insurance, gas and electricity. Use a comparison site to compare car insurance costs, for example. It may take a little time to set up but you will save every month.

Don’t make it too hard. Allow yourself a little budget for a treat each month to motivate yourself, otherwise you will be tempted to just blow the budget when you have a bad day and want to treat yourself.

Follow these tips to make sure that this month your money lasts right through.

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