Mum’s Home Office: New Online Comparison Site

If you need to buy online, Wikio Shopping is a new site that allows you to compare prices and more.

What’s good:

  • as well as prices you can find information on delivery costs and availability
  • you can see lists of hot products, new products and most popular products for each category
  • there are loads of categories, from baby and maternity wear to home goods to books to CDs to hotels
  • you can consult reviews, user opinions, forums, photos and videos, and post your own too.

What’s not:

  • the site works better for some products than others: for example I searched in business books and found it hard to track down particular books. It would be fine if you were looking for ideas of books to buy, however, and this was less of a problem in other categories.

The "Financial Times" Guide to Business Start Up 2010: The Only Annually Updated Guide for Entrepreneurs (Financial Times Series)I searched by category and chose the small business and entrepreneurship section. I found the top book in that section was the The “Financial Times” Guide to Business Start Up 2010. I got 20+ prices and could see at a glance the ratings people had given it. There were also suggestions for ‘similar products’ as there are on Amazon.

It is easy to see at a glance all the different products: see below for a screenshot of the new Wikio shopping site.

As price comparison sites go, it’s good.I did get distracted by the top ranked news and blog sites, so there’s lots more to explore on there too.

If you are looking to pursue a university degree from your home office, check

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