Flexible Business Opportunity: Little Signers Club Teacher

Company Name:

Little Signers Club

Little Signers Club Teacher

A flexible working opportunity with reasonable earnings in your local area teaching baby signing under the Little Signers Club umbrella.

Becoming a baby signing teacher can be one of the most rewarding careers you can choose.  Perfect if you have a young family and are looking at fun, flexible working solutions!  How much you earn is entirely dependent on how hard you are willing to work and how many classes you are able to hold.

Hours you might need to work to make it succeed:

Completely flexible to suit you!  As with any business, the more hours you are able to work, the more rewards you will gain.  However if you are able to commit to ten hours each week, you should have a successful, thriving business within weeks.  This would consist of 4 hours for admin, marketing and networking plus 6 hours of travel and teaching each week.

Skills that will help you make this business work:

We are looking for committed, inspiring teachers to join us at Little Signers Club.  You don’t need to have any prior experience of baby signing to join us as we’ll guide you through all you need to know.  You’ll be your own boss, running your own business around your existing commitments.

A love of little people is required and we do also recommend that you commit to attending a BSL Level One course at your local college at some point over the first year you are with us.

You’ll need to be determined, gregarious, hardworking, multi-tasking and organised – if you are a parent then you are already more than halfway there!

Tell me the facts

Date Established:

Winter 2009/2010

What You Offer:

We offer you a service agreement for the area that you wish to teach in.  That agreement covers your training, your start up kit, business peripherals such as email address, webpage and marketing templates plus mentoring from experienced teachers.

Initial Start up Costs:

We truly believe that baby signing should be accessible to everyone regardless of status or income.  We are committed to providing teachers that are confident in their abilities with a complete training package and great support behind them.

We offer two packages for potential teachers.

Permanent Licence Training Package

Includes all your training, starter kit, website details, email address and mentored support

Aimed at those people who are completely sure that being a Little Signers Teacher is exactly what they want.

Cost:      £750 initial outlay with £250 per year renewal

Temporary Licence Training Package

Includes all your training, starter kit, website details, email address and mentored support

Aimed at people who may not be entirely sure that running a small business of their own is for them but who would love to teach baby signing or for those people who would rather stagger their initial outlay.

Cost:      £250 initial outlay to cover kit

£50 per month service charge for the first 6 months

£300 due on completion of 6 months which includes transition to Permanent Licence when you decide to continue as a Little Signers Club teacher.  If you wish to stop after six months, no more monies are due.

£250 per year renewal

Ongoing monthly costs:

Not required.

Annual costs e.g renewing licenses:

£250 per year.

Training offered:

Once you have signed your agreement with us to become a Teacher, we’ll get everything in place for you to start training with us.  This will consist of the following programme:

  1. A list of required reading for all of our teachers
  2. We have learned through experience that the best way for you to learn what we do is to come and see us in action.  So you’ll spend 6 weeks with your nearest teacher as your Mentor going through the course stage by stage.
  3. In conjunction with this  we’ll send you through the lesson plans for each week.   These will contain a list all the signs, songs, stories, props and resources that you’ll need to run that weeks class as well as a suggested format of how to do it
  4. Once you have completed all the recommended reading, attended classes, learned all the signs that we teach and familiarised yourself with the format of our course, we’ll be asking you to a Completion Training Day.  This will cover the basics of running a small business, how to market your business effectively on a budget, additional training information such as nursery training and of course, any questions, queries or ideas that you may have.
  5. You are ready to start teaching in your allocated area!  If you need more support you can attend your Mentors classes again and that person will also be there to help you as and when you need it over the next 3-6 months.

Support offered. Please describe the ongoing support you can offer to someone taking up this business opportunity:

We also offer regular meetings with the team, mentored support from your nearest local teacher and we’ll help you where we can with advice on who to talk to about running your own business. There is an online teachers forum and of course, friendly experienced teachers to pick up the phone to.

How to find out more: There is a meeting on 8th May at the Oxford Belfry for anyone who would like to come and have a chat and find out more about becoming one of our teachers

Telephone          Shelley 01844 281104 / Melissa 01908 509340

Email                     info@littlesignersclub.co.uk

Website               www.littlesignersclub.co.uk

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