Book Review: Millionaire Mumpreneurs by Mel McGee

In writing Millionaire Mumpreneurs: How Successful Mums Made a Million Online and How You Can Do It Too! Millionaire Mumpreneurs Mel McGeeMel McGee has made an important contribution to moving forwards the way mums run businesses.

If you’ve ever looked at a website and wondered how the owner makes their money, and whether you could do it too, read Millionaire Mumpreneurs. It is a great starting point for anyone who would like to run a website selling information, mentoring, coaching and self development products.

One of the most important ideas in the book is that it gives mums permission to think really big, to aim for that million pound income. What’s more, many of the women who feature as case studies in the book are not running high cost offices, but still home based.

If you are running a regular product-based business, it is still worth investing in this book to learn the way that the successful mumpreneurs think: Mel talks about this ‘successful mindset’ in the final part of the book which takes lessons from the businessmums interviewed and shows you how to apply them yourself.

Millionaire Mumpreneursis a great book for any mum with her own business as well as for those looking for business ideas. In the end, running an online information site is not going to be the business model for everyone, but you can still learn loads from this easy-to-read book.

It is currently selling for £8.30 on Amazon: snap it up quickly before it goes back to the cover price of £12.99

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