Flexible Business Opportunity: Monavie


Monavie, as well as being an anti-oxidant fruit drink, is the fastest growing network company in the world and the 18th fastest growing company in America.  The drink’s main ingredient is from the Acai berry, unique to the Amazon, which has a very high anti-oxidant content.  18 other carefully chosen fruits are mixed with the drink and a 2 oz serving per day provides the anti-oxidant equivalent of eating 5 pieces of fruit.  The method of cultivation is helping to preserve the rainforest and since the company takes the berry out of Brazil, they put back into it through the M.O.R.E project in the Flavelas area on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Description of the business that someone could buy into:

Network marketing which is a method of distribution via word of mouth rather than through traditional marketing in shops, etc.  This means that a far greater portion of the profits is available to the distributors.  The company has created 76 millionaires in 5 years and there is a very simple, binary compensation plan, which means that if you concentrate on building one side, the person who introduced you to the business will build the other side for you.

Hours you might need to work to make it succeed:

We would suggest a minimum of 5 to 10 hours a week.

Skills that will help you make this business work:

All the skills can be learned.  People join this business for a better lifestyle, we therefore have a simple, duplicatable system which works.  Most important is a great attitude and a willingness to be coachable.

Tell me the facts:

Monavie was established in the US 5 years ago and has been in the UK since September 09.  Monavie is currently open in only 12 countries and will be opening up into other markets gradually, so it is a fantastic opportunity to get into the UK and European markets from the beginning.

What You Offer:

Network marketing home based business

Initial Start up Costs:

£25 enrolment fee which includes all training materials and a replicated website.  There is no obligation to order any product when enrolling.  However, it is advisable to do so in order to grow your business as quickly as possible and the £25 enrolment fee is waived with an order of 8 bottles.  We aim for all team members to have the discipline of turning over 8 bottles a month, which is a lot less than some other opportunities, but each enrolee must make the decision based on their own financial circumstances.

Ongoing monthly costs:

These very much depend on the individual – some people prefer to market their business through word of mouth which is free – others prefer to advertise, which has a cost.  We are able to source low cost forms of advertising, should people wish to do so.

Annual costs:

The £25 enrolment fee is an annual fee.

Training offered:

We have a weekly webcast training which is free, monthly training and leadership weekends which are open to anyone.  These take place in a spa hotel and include a 3-course dinner with entertainment, and a cooked breakfast the next day, all for a low cost.  Partners and children are also welcome to attend the weekend.

Support offered:

Anyone joining will be joining an elite team of marketeers who have helped many people earn a very good income.  You will be very closely placed to the top distributor in the UK.  There is also support with a 3 way calling system to enable you to talk to people about the business, fantastic IT .support and tools to be able to email information quickly to people.

How to find out more:

Jo Sharman

Telephone  02476 997 739

Email jo@choosethedream.co.uk

Website www.mymonavie.com/choosethedream

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