British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

A couple of days ago I had just two posts for this carnival, but a couple of tweets and you came up trumps. I’ve loved reading every post submitted, and I’m sure you will too. Sit down, grab a cuppa and read a fabulous collection of the best of British Mummy Blogging.

The Theme: Working Mum, Stay at Home Mum!

Last year I hosted the carnival and felt that I wanted another go, sure that I could do it much better this time. One of the ideas was to have a theme for the carnival … but Easter and sick babies got in the way and I didn’t do anything about it until Friday. I tweeted about the carnival and some people asked, ‘Is there a theme?’ So, there is … kind of. But bearing in mind the theme was only announced a few days ago there are also some great posts on a range of topics that are so good I couldn’t leave them out.

Staying At Home with the Kids

Sandy Calico writes about telling people that you’re a stay at home mum, while New Mummy shares how she found her metier. Crunchie Mummy shares her thoughts on why many SAHMs have become SAHM, Interrupted during the recession and 3 Bedroom Bungalow explains some of the challenges when your home changes with your partner’s job.

Working Mums

Petit Poppet writes as reality bites and she goes back to work. For those of us who do work, read Liz’s take on Working Mum Guilt. And hear from Susanna about how being an older mum works with a career… up to a point. Michala of New Life Marketing is inspirational on the fear of failure.

For all Mums

Hear from Slummy Single Mummy about her close friends must and should – well known whether you work or are at home with the kids. And get some great advice from Hot Cross Mum on turning a blind eye – who wants to be ‘boring mummy’ anyway? Babybudgeting shares useful tips for everyone: 20 things you could do today to immediately help your finances, and WAHM-BAM is considering moving house … or possibly just finding a new library.

And there’s more …

There are two posts written for fathers – both incredibly moving. Read My Old Man from SandyCalico and Dad by Marathon Mummy. And from ‘It’s A Small World’ read about childhood memories.

In complete contrast, read a modern fable about The War of the Brown Stuff and find out from Cafe Bebe why the proof is in no pudding.

Do you want to host? Or just find out where to send your next fabulous blog post? Go to this list of British Mummy Blogger Carnival dates and hosts.

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