Mumpreneur Profile: Rebecca and Penny of The Great Little Hamper Company

When Rebecca Nagan gave up a career in children’s television to have twins, she did not realise how hard it would be getting back into work.

With childcare costs ever soaring, and no grandparents nearby to look after the little ones, the busy new mum turned entrepreneur to launch her own online shop.For a year now the puppeteer, who was the voice of Rosie on the children’s programme Rosie and Jim has been frantically juggling care with building websites and drawing up business plans to ensure The Great Little Hamper Company gets off to a good start.

But she has not done it on her own.

It was best friend Penny Lane who directed and produced Rosie and Jim, who first approached Rebecca about the business.

The pair have been working hard ever since to create the themed children’s hampers containing toys, clothes, biscuits and chocolates.

Rebecca, who has 3 year old twin boys Bertie and Pip said:

“The hardest thing for me has been staying at home and being just a housewife and mother. I love them so ridiculously and enjoy caring for them, but I have really missed working and adult conversation that doesn’t include the topic of children. Penny and I would have gone back into television if the hours had suited us, but it would have been hard to balance and most employers wouldn’t have been able to offer flexible hours in case we needed to pick the children up from nursery, or if they were ill.”

Penny read an article about a new breed of business person called a “Mumpreneur”, and we thought we could do that! So after copious cups of tea, we came up with the idea.”

With Penny living in Cumbria, and Rebecca living in Dorset, the mothers decided the internet was the best way forward, and so created a website selling uniquely themed children’s hampers.

Rebecca said “Thank goodness for the internet and my mobile. We are often on the phone for three hours a night going over everything.”

Of course, starting a business while looking after twins has not been easy. Rebecca said:

“It’s been tricky balancing work and motherhood. Hence this new direction. Like all mumpreneurs we are tired but inspired, and driven by the need to have a completely equally fulfilling work and home life.”

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