Flexible Business Opportunity: Childminding



Description of the business that someone could start:

Becoming a registered childminder means being a self employed childcare provider, working from your own home. Many local authorities can offer you a start-up grant which will help to pay for your first year of business as a registered childminder.

Hours you might need to work to make it succeed:

You can set your own hours, but you should be guided by what other local registered childminders offer to ensure you remain competitive, most start with a before school club at around 7.30am and care for children after school finishing around 5.30pm, but you can choose how many hours you want to work and the days.

Skills that will help you make this business work:

You will need to have completed a paediatric first aid course, and taken introductory training in home-based childcare. Parents like to see you have a commitment to training so you might want to think about a relevant childcare qualification such at the Level 3 Diploma for the Children’s Workforce. Until December 2010 you can still register to complete the Diploma in Home-based Childcare.  The skills you need most are a love of children and a flexible nature, you will also need to be patient and be creative in inventing things to do with children, even on the rainiest days. The ability to plan and measure what you do is also a bonus.

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Initial Start up Costs:

You will have to pay just £30 currently to register with Ofsted, which is heavily subsidised and covers your Criminal Records Bureau Check from a website like https://www.checkpeople.com/arrest-records, £40 for the paediatric first aid course, £100 for the introductory training course.  Public Liability Insurance costs around £40 and you will need to pay for separate CRB checks for anyone over 16 that lives in your house. You will also need to have contracts,  medical record book and accident record books as a bear minimum. This means around £500 in total will get you started as a registered childminder.  However, some local authorities offer a start-up grant which covers all this plus a year’s membership to NCMA.  If you haven’t already you might wish to buy another computer for the children to use for educational purposes.

Ongoing monthly costs of running a childminding business:

This will depend on what you offer, you must ensure your fees cover your costs, so providing snacks, extra fuel for driving to and from schools if needed, specialised insurance for your car and home, buying new toys and equipment to help early learning, increased electricity etc.

Annual costs e.g insurance, professional subs, training:

Once you have completed your introductory training you don’t need to do any further training if you don’t want to. You can pick up local professional courses that last a day or two which can help with your childcare provision.  Training is usually funded depending on the course you do. If you are going for a recognised qualification ask your local authority if they will fund it, the cost of training varies according to how much funding your local authority provides,  Public Liability Insurance and membership of NCMA in 2010 costs £74.

Training offered:

Please describe any training you offer to help someone starting this business:  NCMA has a number of tutors across England and Wales and offers local professional training courses to help you provide the best quality childcare you can. The Children’s Workforce Development Council has a list of qualifications relevant to the childcare workforce, you can see this by visiting www.cwdcouncil.org.uk

Support offered:

NCMA can offer support from starting up your business, to every day queries about being a registered childminders, running your business and making contracts with parents. Our members benefit from a helpline which is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and can offer a 24 hour legal advice line, money saving schemes for every day shopping, discounted publications, a bi-monthly members magazine to help you with day to day planning, guidance on delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage, (you will need to deliver the EYFS if you look after children under 5 years old). NCMA has 30 years expertise and can help with nearly all childminding related matters.

How to find out more:

Telephone : 0845 880 0044

Email : info@ncma.org.uk

Website  www.ncma.org.uk

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