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What keeps you going through the day? If you’re like me there’s nothing like a cup of tea to beat the 4 pm slump and get you through to that peaceful moment when the kids are in bed. wp21350196.png

And I’ve just found the perfect treat to accompany an afternoon cuppa or to sit down with at the end of the day. Cakeballs are, “delicious bites of moist, flavoured cake and buttercream” and the next big thing after cupcakes and whoopies pies!

The cakeballs arrived when Lou the bookkeeper was in so she and I started the box. I managed to save a few for DH that evening and we had the remainder with a cup of tea when my mother came to visit the next day, so they got tasted/tested by quite a few people. The cakeballs arrived in perfect condition – they survived far better than a cake I was sent a few weeks ago – in a beautiful card box with pink flowers on.  Initially there was a degree of confusion amongst the tasters – cakeballs look like truffles but have cake inside – but that was swiftly overcome so we could get on with the tasting.

What we liked:

  • the cakeballs tasted great
  • they are made from mainly organic and fair trade ingredients
  • there’s all sort of choices of flavours.

wp9a076b34_0f.jpgWe tasted Cherry & almond, Lemon Zest and May’s Flavour of the month, Red Velvet  which is red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream and coated in chocolate. Dh loved the Lemon Zest, and Lou, Mum and I found them all delicious. The only puzzling element was trying to work out what flavour was coming next! A box of 6 cakeballs (£2.99) would make a great little gift: a box of 24 containing 3 different flavours (£10.99) is great value and I’d definitely order one to send to someone for a birthday or anniversary as a change from chocolates or flowers. Visit if you’re tempted!

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