Flexible Business Idea: My Virtual Assistant Limited

Company Name:

My Virtual Assistant Limited

Description of the business that someone could buy into:

Work from home virtual assistant business, offering PA and business support services to solo professionals and small businesses.

Hours you might need to work to make it succeed:

3+ per day

Skills that will help you make this business work:

Knowledge of standard office software packages including Word, Excel Outlook, etc. Highly organised as managing multiple clients.

Date Established:

February 2003.

What You Offer:

Franchise Licence

Initial Start up Costs:


Ongoing monthly costs:


Annual costs e.g renewing licenses:

No renewal fee.

Training offered:

Full initial training, learn at home.

Support offered:

3 months of 1-1 mentoring support. Ongoing email and telephone support. Further 1-1 mentoring available.

How to find out more:

Prospectus available from: http://www.myvirtualassistant.co.uk

Telephone 0844 357 1409

Email justine@my-va.com

Website  http://www.myvirtualassistant.co.uk

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