Book Review: Ms Harris’s Book of Green Household Management

Ms Harris’s Book of Green Household Management

ISBN – 978-0-7195-2182-9

Date of Review: 25th April 2010

Reviewer: Will Roney

In this current world we are starting to get a sense of how we need to look after the environment, and how this is going to affect our daily lives. It’s very nice having the flat-screen TV, the DVD recorder and the gaming system to spend our lives in front of. But is this good for our world, and is there a better way?

Ms Harris’s Book of Green Household Management is a book that tries to get people to modify their lives and to put a little back into the world. It’s about modifying your lives to get the most out of what resources you have to hand. For instance there is a whole chapter devoted to cooking with ingredients, recycling leftovers and techniques to save all that paid-for energy when using the hob and the oven.

This book doesn’t set out to turn you into a carrot-munching eco-warrior, though if you do there are extra tips on making you comfortable with getting back to basics and being happy as well. There are chapters on the water cycle, how to do the laundry in a more efficient manner, and energy ettiquette – how to be more efficient in our use of energy & heat and making it work harder for us.

The book contains a whole selection of companies and websites that you can go to for more information which is what brings it into the Information Age. This handbook will become a bible for all of us who feel that we can do more to keep our lives as close to the natural world as possible.


Ms Harris’s Book of Green Household Management

ISBN – 978-0-7195-2182-9

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