Promoting Your Wedding Business

If you run a wedding business, here are some simple tips to help you promote it and get coverage in wedding magazines worth thousands of pounds:

1. What’s new? Choose a new product or service, ideally something that’s unique to your business. ‘New’ always makes better news!

2. Pick Your Media. Think about which media your business might appear in. Look at blogs, read national wedding magazines and find out about local wedding magazines.  For a quick way to get lists of wedding media, check the contacts in the Wedding Media Database.

3. Find the right contact. If you are unsure who you need to contact, look for the editorial assistant’s contact details. Send her a quick email, explaining, “I have a great new (describe your products or service). Who would be the best person to send information about it to?”

4. Get in touch. Write an email describing what’s new and unique about your product or service, and why it is just right for readers of the magazine. Send this email to your contact.

5. Follow up. Use the Wedding Media Database to pull out the relevant phone number and make a call to your contact to offer samples or images.

6. Do It Again. Make 1 or 2 calls or send 1 or 2 emails each day. You will soon be getting great coverage for your wedding business, plus clippings and quotes that you can refer to on your website. These are invaluable for any business. Independent coverage in the media makes potential customers trust your business and can turn them from browsers to buyers.

Making the invitation

You might want to use Word, or another graphics package that you like. Set the size of the invitation first – A6 usually works best as you can see your design clearly while staying petite and discreet, this is also a great way for other decorations, you can buy the tablecloths bulk and send the same illustration of the invitations to a professional to add it to the tablecloths.

The A6 size is also useful because you can print two invitations on one sheet of A4 in landscape orientation. You can set this up in the layout tab in Word.

If you’re copying any graphics into your document, wrap them as tight so that you can put them wherever you need to. Right-click the image, choose wrap, then tight. If you’re using text over an image, right-click the image and select send to back or bring to front. Enjoy having a fiddle, anyway, as it’s great fun!

If you have a wedding business, the Wedding Media Database is the easy way to get press coverage . Available until 31 May only.

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