Book Review: Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom – Melanie Green

Date of Review: 1st May 2010

Reviewer: Will Roney

This book does exactly what it says on the cover, it’s a book to allow you to discover the potential that we all have but somehow don’t manage to convert into tangible benefits. Unless you’re the super-confident, doubts-bounce-off-me-and-don’t-affect-me type person, you will understand where this book starts. At various times in our lives we all feel as though we have little to offer, or that we know we can do better if only someone would show me how.

The title sums up the book. It explores the infinite capacity we human beings have for criticising ourselves and limiting our lives. Just understanding how we give ourselves these negative messages can help us start to deal with them. It is full of examples drawn from the experience of the author, which were easy to identify with and make the book so readable and useful.

This book is a way to translate all of those possibilities into success , contentment and confidence. It’s structured in an easy to understand logical pattern; not expecting you to run before you can walk. The seven chapters are easy to dip in and out of, and the chapters are broken down into manageable chunks that can be absorbed in small doses of reading.

Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom” is definitely my kind of book, easy to read and I was able to dip into it at any page and find something interesting and thought provoking. I also liked the fact that there is a degree of interaction – with pages to fill in yourself, to remind you to follow a plan, making you a more fulfilled person.

The high points of this book for me were the way that you can dip in and out of it, as well as asking the reader to engage with the subject in a very friendly and modern manner.


Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom – Melanie Green

ISBN – 978-1-84024-630-8

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