Coalition Government: Implications for Your Business

In their document, The Coalition: our programme for Government, the Lib-Con leaders share their plans for the next few years. If you think that you will find the key to what will happen for mums running businesses in this document, though, you are likely to be disappointed. The document like all the party manifestoes is big on aims and headlines. What you don’t get is details on how and when. Bearing that in mind, here are some aims and promises.

What’s coming up for Business:

A review of small business tax is promised. If your business depends on the post to get products to customers, you’ll welcome an injection of capital into the Royal Mail: this is going to be private capital rather than state funding.

There is a headline promise to maximise flexibility and fairness for employers and employees: this could be interpreted in different ways depending on your viewpoint so, if you’re hoping to be able to work more flexibly, start speaking to your employer soon as current legislation on flexible work is as good as it has ever been.

If you are a ‘social tenant’ – living in council housing – the Coalition plan to end the ban on social tenants starting businesses in their own homes.

Headline Promises for Families:

In their policy document, the Coalition is supporting the provision of free nursery care for pre-school children. It is aiming to “take Sure Start back to its original purpose of early intervention, increase its focus on the neediest families”, and will be paying for 4,200 extra Sure Start health visitors.

At this point in time, that’s all you’re getting … but considering they have put this together over the last two weeks that is perhaps unsurprising. Almost every point will have been debated between the Liberal Democrat and Conservative teams, and that debate will be continuing behind closed doors for the duration of this Parliament. I’ll be watching the legislation changes and will keep you informed at about how the new coalition Government is likely to affect you, your family and your business.

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  • That’s a very useful summary, thanks. I hadn’t realised that council tenants couldn’t start a home-based business, so it’s good that this ban is being lifted. Lets hope the new govt continues to encourage entrepreneurship as they have promised to do.

  • Thanks helen. It is interesting …. I get the feeling people are cautiously optimistic … if book sales of business books are anything to go by!

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