Juggling Work and Childcare Gets Easier in South West London

New flexible office space Third Door is now open in Wandsworth, with on-site childcare on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Third Door lets parents book a workspace – a Wi-Fi-enabled hot desk or meeting room – and a place in the on-site OFSTED registered crèche for their child, at times that suit their specific work requirements.  This flexibility is ideal for independent professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, home-based workers or employees who are able to work from home at least one day a week.

“Remote working is on the rise. We have created a space where parents can work without the overheads of having their own office, while having their child looked after in the same building. This cuts down on the stress of trying to commute from work to collect children on time and it means they can spend more time with their child during the day, particularly useful for nursing mums,” explains Shazia Mustafa, the mother of two behind the concept.

“Most importantly though, it gives parents the flexibility they need. Our pay-as-you-go model means parents can choose which days or hours suit them best and only pay for the time they need, rather than having to pay for childcare regardless of whether they have work coming in.  It also complements existing childcare arrangements by providing additional support in emergencies,” she says.

Shazia also thinks it will be a great way for home workers to meet like-minded parents, share ideas, network and have more social interaction than they’d have if they worked on their own in a home office, which can lead to feelings of isolation. And for mothers who aren’t sure what to do once their maternity leave ends, Third-Door gives them the child-free time they need to put ideas into action.

How it works

  • You can opt for pay-as-you-go or monthly membership. Pay the joining fee – which is waived for the first 30 members.
  • Use the online booking system to reserve a childcare place and workstation 48 hours in advance OR call on the day to check if there is spare availability if you have a last minute emergency.
  • The children are taken care of in a bright, airy space with plenty of fun and educational activities and toys.
  • Eat lunch with your child at the communal table in the family area.

The contemporary workspace has hot desks, small meeting rooms, a large meeting room, a lounge area, communal kitchen and telephone booths for private calls. The entire space is Wi-Fi enabled and office services like printing are available.

The communal ‘time-out’ areas encourage networking, building of business relationships and friendship.

There are a number of packages available depending on frequency of use, with prices starting at £18 per hour for a fully inclusive service.

Customers are encouraged to speak to the team to find a package that best suits their needs.

The Wandsworth-based company hopes to expand into other areas with high concentrations of young families across the country.

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