First Bra Fitter for bras4mums

Mum of 2, Tracy Jones, is just starting a new flexible job as an expert bra fitter, supporting women in Wrexham, Chester and Nantwich. Tracey of bras4mums now offers a home fitting service to pregnant and breastfeeding women in her area, giving them specialist advice and support for their changing body and breast shapes.

Founder of bras4mums, Tracey-Jane Hughes, said, “bras4mums was set up 6 years ago to ensure women get the correct advice and good fitting bras for their pregnancy and breastfeeding. We’ve achieved this through our online and telephone bra fitting service where every woman is assigned a personal bra fitter to check they get the right size and style for their body shape. We now want to extend this to offer a 1-1 home fitting service, that has proven so popular in the North West of England, across the UK. We’re delighted Tracy has come on board as she’s passionate about women’s health, and bras can be a major problem, particularly during pregnancy and post natally”.

Tracy Jones, who also runs Cariad Hypnotherapy, said, “I’m really pleased to be able to offer this service to women in my area. As a woman who has been pregnant twice, and breastfed, I know how difficult it is to get advice about bras during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The training T-J gave was comprehensive and I know so much more now that I can’t wait to share with other women in my area. To be able to offer women a choice of bras from 28-50 band size, and A-L cups is fantastic. I hope to be able to spread the word about bra fitting to prevent women getting health problems, such as back ache and mastitis.”

bras4mums agents run their own bra fitting service within their local area as their own business, offering women the opportunity to be part of a unique, specialist and much needed service in the UK and, in some cases, rejoin the workforce. The team of local trained bra fitting experts will offer the widest range of maternity and nursing bras available in the UK to women in their own homes.

Previous customer Laurie said, “The home fitting service proved invaluable to me when I was pregnant. I had SPD and wasn’t able to get out of the house to a shop. As a bigger busted lady I always struggle anyway with bras, so when an experienced bra fitter was able to come to me, and offer me a choice of bras, I jumped at the chance. It was well worth it!”

bras4mums are proven bra fitting trainers and specialists, and run a nationally recognised Bra Fitting Awareness Course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives for midwives and health professionals. bras4mums training skills have also recently been used by national maternity wear companies to offer advice to their sales assistants.

To make a home fitting appointment with Tracy in Wrexham, Chester and Nantwich areas, contact her direct on 01978 363629. For further information about becoming an agent in your area, contact, 0845 373 3875 or

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