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On Family Friendly Working we regularly profile mums with businesses, and over the next few months you are going to get the chance to get to know two mums, and follow their ups and downs as they combine business and family. Read on to find out about Emily and Jo, and what they will be writing about each month.

My PhotoEmily says, “I’m in my mid-thirties and have two sons aged 4 and 2 and daughter aged 6 months. I’ve been a stay at home mum since my first son was born. Before that I worked in Finance. Earlier this year we realised we needed some more income. I had a think about what I could do working from home (consulting the Family Friendly Working site among other things) and decided on freelance writing.

“I’ve been keeping a personal blog, babyrambles for the past 18 months so I applied for some work on freelance sites using my blog as an example of my work. I was taken on to do a couple of jobs and my work has grown from there. I write a blog for a company and write articles for a parenting website. The writing has now extended into some consultancy work and I’m working with some companies on using social media to market their products and services. I’m getting an opportunity to work on some really exciting projects and because I’m honest with everyone I work for about my family commitments they’re very understanding about how I fit everything in. I even took my children to a meeting earlier this week!

“It’s a huge juggling act and I’m learning how to use every minute of every day productively. But for me I enjoy the balance of doing lots with my children and being able to work too.” Check in on the last Sunday of every month to hear about Emily’s journey of taking on new work and raising her professional profile and how she fits this in around looking after and spending time with her children and preparing her eldest for starting school in September.

Jo writes, “I’m a mother of two daughters, aged 7 and 14. We live in Somerset and I’ve been a single parent for two years. I’m self-employed, and work mainly from home, in a few separate roles. My degree is Economics and inevitably this features in none of my jobs. I am a writer – a journalist, blogger, copywriter and aspiring novelist. I work with charities, fundraising, business planning and evaluating, helping them to prove the value of their work and get the money to do it. I am a Marketer, working with small companies using my writing skills and internet addiction to help them tell people about what they do.

“Some days I revel in working for myself and by myself, others I feel I must be crazy, and long for a predictable job in a friendly office. My ‘journey’ will be about balancing work with parenting alone, juggling different roles, and regularly wondering if I should give up and get a nice little part time job in a sweet shop.” Jo will be blogging  here on the middle Sunday of every month and you can read her personal blog at www.slummysinglemummy.wordpress.com

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