Breastfeeding Tips: All you need to know for getting started with breastfeeding

As part of Breastfeeding Awareness Week you can visit Family Friendly Working every day for tips and advice from breastfeeding mum and founder of Mamascarf, Keira O’Mara. Keira writes, “I had the idea for Mamascarf when breastfeeding my first baby Sam. I was always trying to cover up but found that nothing did the job properly. Blankets, pashminas, muslins… He would get too hot, they would block my view of him, he would pull them off or I would have to take them down during the feed to latch him back on. Nothing worked!  Also I would always get arm ache without my support cushion. I realised that if I could create something that would cover while feeding but also provide you with additional support, a type of scarf that couldn’t fall off would be perfect.  So Mamascarf was born!

“I am now breastfeeding baby number 2 and am much more confident feeding in public as I have my Mamascarf! Breastfeeding and business has been more of a challenge though. As Lily is only 10 weeks I am feeding on demand, I have to be realistic about how much I can do in a day as a lot of my time will be taken up with feeding her and seeing to her needs. Being organised and having a list helps (especially with the baby brain!) Finally, you just have to be flexible and work around your babies needs and utilise naptimes as best you can. It might take you half a day to get a 10 minute job done but you will get there in the end!”

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