Flexible Business Idea: Ecoflow

Nikki Pepper, based in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, first became an Independent Ecoflow Distributor in 1997.  At the time, she had just turned 24 and was beginning to plan ahead and consider that one day, she would start a family. She hoped that Ecoflow would provide something suitable which would allow her to raise her children while working ‘as and when’ she wanted from home.Before her first daughter was born in 2001, she enjoyed travelling around England attending large trade shows.  This helped her gain experience and passion for the Bioflow magnotherapy range and countless positive testimonials heard over the years has meant that her passion and confidence in her products is rock solid.

In the beginning, Nikki hadn’t worried about a business plan.  It was such a low start up cost and as she enjoyed talking and meeting with new people, and found environmental and health issues interesting anyway, it never felt like work.  It was all just very straight forward, to buy the products in at wholesale, to recommend them and sell them at retail.

Since having her second daughter in 2007, promoting herself away from home was starting to get more challenging and more of a juggle.  Just the logistics of getting to major shows or local networking events was proving difficult so went ‘back to basics’ and back to ‘word of mouth’ and now uses the internet as a way of talking about the benefits of magnotherapy.  One of the great benefits of this way to run a business is that due to the nature of talking to other people and networking, you can get to know your customers well, and can make firm friendships.

Recently, Nikki’s supplying company Ecoflow plc, has changed from a Network Marketing company to that of Direct Selling.  This has meant that all Ecoflow distributors who have a few doors previously closed to them, now open.  Nikki’s latest challenge has been to set up her own website and so can direct her online customers to her store which will compliment her other business activities such as small events, giving talks, holding home parties and speaking to people face to face.

Nikki is also currently looking for others who would be interested in promoting the Ecoflow range with a very straight forward arrangement. There are no start-up costs, no outlay, and no minimum orders or targets.

Please contact her directly for more information.  It works for her, so it could work for you?

Contact Nikki on 01733 348054 Mobile 07887 747820

Email nikki.pepper@ntlworld.com


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