Mum’s Home Office: Clean and Green … again

Toilet Cleaner ConcentrateIn the Mum’s Home Office slot I review anything likely to be useful for mums and dads working from home. This covers things to help your office, products to motivate and help you, plus items for the home. There are up points and down points to doing product reviews: the Cakeballs were a highlight, but quite often I get asked to review cleaning products – and this week we’re looking at some products from  Alma Win. What is Alma Win? According to their site, “A range of eco friendly organic household cleaning products derived from natural sources providing excellent cleaning and washing power. Our products are certified by ECO Garantie which: causes less damage to aquatic animals and plants, help to reduce water pollution and reduce the amount of packaging. ECO Garantie is the quality organic label for ecological products and you will find the logo on each bottle/packet.” Click here to learn mre about janitorial services York PA and quality products they use.

I tried the toilet cleaner, the laundry liquid and the washing up liquid. The last two performed just fine and matched up to my usuals – I generally opt for Ecover or an own-brand. The toilet cleaner, however, out performed the Method Bowl Patrol I’m using right now and had a much better effect on the limescale build up. So, well worth looking out for that one. You can order from or phone 01557 870561 with your order if you want to try it.

Follow the link for more reviews of products for your home and office or contact Antonia if you have some useful products that might fit this slot.

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