Guest Blogger: Slummy Single Mummy shares her Week

This week has been a fairly typical mixed bag for me. It started well – Monday was not terribly productive, but pleasant nonetheless. I had to drive my eldest daughter over to the next town for her first day of work experience, managed to get a couple hours of writing done in the local Starbucks (with a yummy hot chocolate and whipped cream), and then spent the afternoon in the park, celebrating the launch of the new ecotherapy project, being run by mental health charity Mind in Taunton and West Somerset.

This is a very special project to me, as it was me who put in the original bid for the project funding – it was a very proud moment to see all my work behind the scenes finally bearing fruit.

So after a lovely afternoon on Monday, Tuesday descended into a day long mild panic attack as I realised just how much work I had to fit in before Friday! I don’t know why it always takes me by surprise, perhaps I need to work on my planning skills a tad. The rest of the week was spent in a blur, literally balancing different piles of work on and around my desk – I wrote blog posts, marketed baby apron towels, and wrote fundraising applications. All while keeping half an eye on twitter…

Of course it often takes considerable effort to actually make myself sit down at home on my own all day and Get Things Done. There’s so much else I can find to do, aside from the daily distraction of the biscuit tin – yesterday I even cleaned the inside of my washing machine. And then ironically, the minute I begin to get into my stride it’s time to pick up the kids, cook the tea, hang out the washing… I must confess I get some of my best work done in the early evenings, for which I forever indebted to the Disney Channel.

On Tuesday I even managed to do my tax return – now that’s procrastination for you!

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