Become a Freelancer: 5 Tips to Help you Work from Home

If you have just found out that your are pregnant, will you be going back to work? Ask anyone who is nearing the end of their maternity leave, and you will find that many mums are looking for flexible work ideas so that they can stay at home, yet still contribute to the family budget. Becoming a freelancer is an ideal way to get a good work-life balance. You’ll find that freelancing allows you to:

  • use your existing work skills and talents
  • set up a business that generates an income right from the start

But how do you make sure you succeed? Make sure you use your existing contacts. When I went freelance in 2003 the first thing I did was call up someone I knew through work who edited a trade magazine. She commissioned me to write two articles straight away. When business was quiet after my third maternity leave, I sent a few emails round old work contacts and got a regular feature writing slot as a result.

Don’t be afraid to shout about your business. Highlight your skills. Use examples of what you offer from your previous employment too, as new clients want to see examples of work to give them confidence in you. Ask people you have worked with for testimonials too and add these to your website.

If you freelance already, what are your tips for starting a freelance business?

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