Working Through Pregnancy?

Are you working while pregnant? It isn’t easy to cope with the early signs of pregnancy whether you are in an office or have an active and physically demanding job. You may be concerned about sharing the good news to early, but telling your boss in confidence can put your employer in a position to look after you. If your work involves:

  • lifting or carrying heavy loads
  • standing or sitting for long periods
  • exposure to toxic substances
  • long working hours

and there could be a hazard to your health or that of your unborn baby your employer must either remove the risk or remove you from being exposed to it. You could be offered suitable alternative work or even suspended from work on full pay

For any sort of job, you must tell your employer that you are pregnant at least 15 weeks before the beginning of the week when your baby is due. If you haven’t done this, perhaps because you didn’t realise you were pregnant, tell your employer as soon as you can.

You are, regardless of how long you have been working, entitled to reasonable time off work for antenatal care. Any time off must be paid at your normal rate of pay. It is illegal for your employer to refuse to give you reasonable time off for ante-natal care or to refuse to pay you at your normal rate of pay.

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