Flexible Business Idea: Utilities Warehouse

Company Name:

Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Description of the business that someone could buy into:

This business is a British PLC and income is made by recommending our energy/telephony services to small business and home-owners.  You are paid an initial fee when someone you recommend the services to signs up and then you are paid a monthly percentage of their total sspend for as long as they remain a customer.  You also can offer the business opportunity to anyone looking to make an extra part-time income or those wishing to eventually replace their fulltime one.  You get paid on any customers that they gather also.

Hours you might need to work to make it succeed:

5 – 10 hours per week or whatever fits your schedule. You are only required to gather one customer per month until you reach 50.  This take 1 hour max.

Skills that will help you make this business work:

A desire to succeed, friendly manner.

Tell me the facts

Date Established:


What You Offer:

Direct selling.

Initial Start up Costs:

£199.75 which is refunded if you gather 12 customers in 90 days.  Should you decide this business is not for you after this time you will also be refunded your investment – a small percentage for use of any marketing fees.

Ongoing monthly costs:

£3 per month after your first year in the business.

Annual costs e.g. renewing licenses:


Training offered:

We have an extremely comprehensive training program both online and in our regional centres all over the UK.  It is free and you can attend as many times as you wish to.

Support offered:

The support you will receive both from within your team and the business as a whole is also second to none.

How to find out more:

Telephone 0800 1300421

Email Kerry@cashinabox.co.uk

Website www.cashinabox.co.uk

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