How to Change Your Career

Did you see Family Friendly Working in this month’s Mother and Baby magazine? I was giving advice for mums who want to change career. If you didn’t see the article, here are my top tips:

  • Check out your local college and see which courses are on offer this September.
  • Look into childcare at an early stage: college nurseries get booked up fast.
  • Visit your local enterprise agency (if it hasn’t been cut!) for business start up ideas.
  • Find out about work experience: it’s not just for school leavers. Try small local firms who may appreciate your help.
  • Think about volunteer work as another way to gain experience.
  • Don’t be put off by a possible loss of salary: there are lots of savings if you no longer have to commute or buy lunch or work clothes.
  • You can find out about career development loans at

Write down where you’d like to be in a couple of years time and take small steps towards this goal each month. You’ll soon find your new career is a reality.

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