Mum’s Home Office: Bribery to Brush

Do your kids like brushing their teeth? DS2, at just 1, is very enthusiastic about chewing the toothbrush, but DS1 who is 4 is less keen to stay still. We were sent a couple of samples from Firefly’s range of toothbrushes which have distinctive light up technology to create a fantastic mechanism for getting children to brush their teeth for the recommended time.

All a child needs to do is press the bottom of the brush and as it lights up, start brushing.  The flashing light lasts for one minute, giving the child the right amount of time to brush either their upper or lower teeth.  Then, they simply move the brush and press the light again, to complete their brushing routine.

The PR company got it spot on an sent through a Spiderman toothbrush. DS1 is now fully aware of how long to brush for, and much more excited about doing the deed. Do you think a flashing toothbrush might inspire your non-brushers?

The range is available at Lloydspharmacy and other leading independent stockists.  The Firefly range is priced from £1.49 – £2.49.

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