10 Top Quick Tips for Summer Games On The Go

(No paper, pens, batteries required – just brain cells!)

1. Three Word Story: each person says three words in turn to develop a story – hilarious!

2. Shopping Game: first person starts: ‘Mrs Smith went shopping and she bought an apple,’ the next person has to repeat what has been said so far and add something beginning with the letter ‘b’ and so on, working your way through the alphabet. You could change it to countries, food, animals…

3. Phraseology: choose a number plate and everyone tries to make the best possible phrase using the letters in the number plate. Maybe quickest wins, best wins, funniest wins or just do it for fun.

4. High Score: each person chooses a different colour car. When they spot that colour they add up the score in that number plate. Highest score wins

5. 3s & 5s: Make two teams, the ‘3s’ team and the ‘5s’ team. Take it in turn to choose a colour of car. In the next car of that colour, add up the numbers of the number plate and if it can be divided by ‘3’ then the ‘3s’ can claim it out loud, or if it can be divided by ‘5’ the ‘5s’ can claim it. Winner is the first team to lay claim to five ‘3s’ or five ‘5s’. If the answer when the numbers are added up is ‘15’, both teams can claim it.

6. Alphabet Bingo: Everyone scans signs for letters and shouts out the letters in order that they spot, starting with ‘a’, then ‘b’ and so on through the alphabet.

7. What am I? : One person starts by deciding in their head to be a specific person, place or thing. They cannot change their minds. Then the others ask questions, ‘Can we eat you?’ ‘Are you soft?’ ‘Are you nearby?’ and try to guess what the person is.

8. Word Game: Try to make a word using only the letters in a number plate of your choice. Longest word wins, or you may say first person to make five words from different number plates wins.

9. Odd or Even: We are looking at only the last number of a number plate. One team (player) must spot the odd numbers and the other team (player) must spot the even numbers. Shout them out when you spot them and winner, count on your fingers how many you spot, winner is first to spot 10 of their odd or even numbers.

10. I Spy : ‘with my little eye something beginning with ‘c’ (as in the sound at the beginning of the word ‘cat’),’ – answer may be car, Costa, caravan etc. This is an old favourite – give clues when the going gets tough.

Thanks to www.zoobookoo.com for these tips

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