Flexible Business Opportunity: Kitchen Kitten

Company Name:

Kitchen Kitten

Description of the business that someone could buy into:

Running your own Kitchen décor and DIY website earning 10-20% commission, but without the need to buy stock, handle deliveries or customer enquires – all this is provided for you!Hours you might need to work to make it succeed:

10 to 15 hours per week

Skills that will help you make this business work:

Enthusiasm and a willingness to socialize, networking, blogging and social media knowledge and skills

Tell me the facts

Date Established:

June 2010

What You Offer:

Direct selling & franchise opportunities running your own kitchen website

Initial Start up Costs:

£99 before end July, £199 from 1 August

Ongoing monthly costs:

Monthly fees waived for pre August signup, £9 per month thereafter

Annual costs e.g renewing licenses:


Training offered:

Marketing, blogging, social media skills, sales training, product information and support.

Support offered:

Marketing training and support, product news, product and sales training, networking opportunities, business development skills.

How to find out more:

Telephone: 01608 730262

Email: associates@kitchenkitten.co.uk

Website: www.kitchenkitten.co.uk

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