Book Review: How To Write A Business Plan by Brian Finch

If you’ve tried to start your own business you will know that probably the most important preliminary work that you will do is to produce a business plan. This is the document which defines your business in such detail to let outside customers, suppliers and investors understand whether they want to be involved. It’s also the document which you, as the owner use to measure your success or failure on a particular project.Brian Finch’s book “How to Write a Business Plan” is probably one of the more detailed books I have read on this subject, and that is not something you should worry about. Writing a business plan is critical to getting your venture up on it’s feet and making it work.

The book is written in the order that you might write the plan itself. It starts with how to structure the document, what the background to the market is and how the business is going to be managed. The proposal itself follows, along with the critical financial information which will be the measure of success or failure.

The benefits to having this book are the structure of the chapters, but there are some extra nuggets of information stored in the Appendix at the end. A sample letter to highlight confidential information is something that most of us would have not known about, along with a typical set of cash flow figures created to highlight the issues between it and profit. A glossary at the end of the book rounds this excellent guide to writing a business plan


Book Review: How to Write a Business Plan by Brian Finch

Date of Review: 27th June 2010

Review by Will Roney

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