Still Time to Enter to Win Simple “Star” Job

More than 4000 people have entered Simple’s’ Search For A Simple Star’ competition to win a fabulous flexible social media based job – and there is still time to get your entry in too.The competition has captured the imagination of enterprising individuals who are all actively spreading their own message through social media as to why they should be chosen as the Simple Star!

The number of entrants is fantastic but maybe we shouldn’t be surprised as the credit crunch has hit at the very core of family life and, as outlined in press recently, around 100,000 mothers are returning to work. Some are being forced into jobs because their husbands have lost theirs or for others there is a need to boost the household income due to partner’s pay-cuts. We also know that women are adept at multi-tasking and great communicators – and are now seeking jobs that can fit around their families and give them job satisfaction.   The Simple Star role could be the answer for one lucky person.

The successful ‘Simple Star’ will win a flexible job, averaging 15 hours of work per week, as well as a raft of exciting prizes such as a holiday of a lifetime in the Dominican Republic including a VIP all-inclusive private villa, plus a lifetime’s worth of Simple products and lots more. The prize package is worth up to £50,000. The job requires no prior experience, just a belief in natural beauty, an empathy with Simple’s philosophy and the ability to communicate well online. The competition runs until 3rd September so it’s not too late to apply. Simply visit Search for A Simple Star.

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  • This Simple competition has to be the most innovative way of recruiting a new member of staff and it seems ideal for Mums returning to work. I have cast my vote but I would love to see more Mums on there too and it will be interesting to see who makes it through to the final.

    I hope this is the start of something – especially for brands which usually spend loads of money on celebrities who are not always great role models and hardly need the money!

  • This is an example of a great competition as is a excellent opportunity for any women wanting to get back into work. More companies really should do this. Flexible working is so important when you’re bringing up a family.

    I also have a good friend who has entered so if anyone’s up for voting for her I know she would appreciate it – Freeflychix.

    Thanks in advance.

  • What a great opportunity for someone to win a flexible part time job and a novel way of recruiting I will vote for your friend freeflychix after having read her profile on the simple website. I hope others get voting as well good luck to her.

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