Driving You Mad?


Have you ever cringed at your kids copying your behaviour? As part of a campaign to encourage courtesy on the road AXA has come up with a video showing just what life might be like if kids played cars like we drive.


Fortunately our school run doesn't offer too many driving challenges: my only experience of 'road rage' is being blocked in by another mum who was running late … but then stopped to chat while I needed to get my car out to get back for an appointment! AXA suggest that road rage is down to lack of experience: where we live it often seems like it is the older drivers who feel they have carte blanche to double park, regardless of the traffic jams that they cause down the street. Most days we come across someone who has just stopped their car on the high street outside the shop they want to go to, whether there is a parking space or not. What is your local ‘bad driving’ bugbear?

The AXA campaign wants you to sign up and say, "I respect the road". Find out more about AXA Respect On The RoadAXA Car Insurance, and see more of the videos, including 'Cab Cam':

And tell me about your experiences of school run road rage: do you find manic mums and stressed out dads blocking the road or does everyone take part in eco-friendly walking buses to get to your school?

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