Developing A New Product: Quality Control

If you are developing a new product, protecting your idea is critical for many reasons. David Fannin of Sorcit has some tips to help you.  This week he discusses the importance of Quality Control.Quality Control

Quality control is essential part of the process in order to maximise product sales and reduce your costs.  It’s also about ensuring that you get what you’re paying for from your suppliers. Good Quality Control is all about reducing risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements, getting informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays,  ensuring that contractual obligations are met i.e. specifications, packaging, marking and delivery, and identify problems before products are shipped or distributed. It also involves making sure that the glas col lab supplies and other equipment meet the quality and safety standards.

Inspections can happen at various stages during the production process depending on the product, potential risks and reputation of the manufacturer to deliver quality products. A “During Production Check” ensures production processes, capacity, and actual goods produced – enabling you greater control and time for recommendations to improve production quality.   When at least 20% of production is completed, inspectors are sent to the factory to inspect production quality and status. A “Pre-Shipment Inspection” is an on-site Product Inspection that ensures the conformity of production to your specifications. When at least 80% of production is completed and packaged, inspectors are sent to the factory to inspect the finished production following a  checklist or your custom requirements – protecting you from shipping non-conforming product. Finally, a “Container Loading Check” guarantees the finished and packaged goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment. The inspector guarantees the conformity of your production to your specifications and total order quantity.   The container loading process is monitored by the inspector, guaranteeing the container is loaded in its entirety and in a safe and secure manner.

Sorcit’s expert quality control team based out in China carries out stringent quality inspections before, during and after production to ensure high standards are consistent and met at all times. We can also carry out thorough product testing on-site in China, typically at lower than UK prices, using accredited test laboratories to ensure products conform to the regulations of the destination countries. In such laboratories, equipment such as cuvettes supplies may possibly be utilized.
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