Paternity Leave: Is it Working for You and Your Family?

Did you (or your partner) take paternity leave? Many men want to, but few get to access the leave they need to start family life, and even fewer then go on to request flexible working.  In the Guardian last week, Rob Williams of the Fatherhood Institute wrote about the UK’s dysfunctional paternity leave system. He highlights how, “the unequal sharing of caring is a big driver of the gender pay gap.”

Until we manage to create a system where there is no gender pay gap, it will always make financial sense for the woman to take on more caring responsibilities and work part time. We know that part time work is less well paid, whatever your gender, and the pay gap is perpetuated.

How would you like paternity leave to work for your family? And what could be done to change work culture so more men can work flexibly?

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