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One thing no one ever told me about breastfeeding was how messy it would be. I assumed my baby and I would sit there serenely. He would happily and discreetly guzzle away while I would perhaps use my free hand to read a book. Instead, I found myself pinned to the sofa, surrounded by my comfortable body pillow amazon and naked from the waist up, while my son flailed about, kicking out and scratching me – and making embarrassingly loud slurping noises – and milk sprayed wildly from my other boob.

Things only improved when I got myself a proper feeding pillow. The Boppy pillow is “hug-shaped” to help you find the best position and we have one to give away. To be in with a chance of winning it, simply write a post on your own blog about a favorite or funny parenting moment, mentioning and linking to this post. We will choose a winner at random.


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  • on twitter @minxminx2
    It seems such an obviuos help,a wonderful,comfy pillow,to aleviate shoulder and neck pain,practical,an aid to parenting in the early months,and well designed also.

  • Loved breastfeeding …and fed all my little darlings for a year ( five years with my boobs out …some claim to fame huh !)

    Four of them were happy to tuck themselves under my top and get on with the job with the minimum of fuss …..but not Barnaby ..oh no …he insisted on the profferd boob being totally exposed so he could get an arm up and round it and give it a good old stroke whilst feeding …this was lovely at home or at a friends house etc …not so hot when sat on the curb at the local carnival surrounded by hundreds of people watching the floats going past …. I cringed and bared my all for the sake of feeding my little chap but it was toe curling in it’s embarassment value …and long lasting too …for weeks after when people said ‘I saw you at the carnival’ …I knew that was they really meant was …’I saw your boobs’ …hey ho …baby was happy …and not even remotely embarrassed :O)

    The other nice story is when my daughter was teeny wee ….we as a family went for a trek over the moor near our house …gorgeous day and so when on the way back Aisling wanted feeding I said to hubby carry on back with the boys and all the gear and I’ll feed madame and then catch you up.
    There we were and I ..sat on a peat bank on a moor in the middle of nowhere in the Outer Hebrides …her feeding and me sat enjoying the peace …I couldn’t see a single thing that was man made …the sun was shining ..there were bees and dragonflies buzzing about ..and I could hear the waves hitting the cliffs at the edge of the moor ….a real Mother Earth moment LOL. When all of a sudden from nowhere appeared a gaggle of German tourists kitted out top to toe in hiking gear …..they were speechless ..more so when I never bat an eyelid ..bade them a cheery hello and commented on the weather ….. flustered but polite they did the same as they trudged past me in a stunned line :O) I feel sure they spent the rest of their walk looking for my dwelling cave !!!

  • Totally empathise with your description of breastfeeding! I’m currently feeding my 5th baby which is such a rewarding thing to do. Mostly I feel like it is such a wonderful experience…apart from the time when, in his sleepy state, my son latched onto a roll of my stomach flab by accident! Time to diet perhaps!!!

  • i am currently breast feedin my 6 month old son and wish i had seen this 6 months back as tryin to balance him and the boob without my arm goin dead is a challenge.

  • I never had a pillow with my first two as thought it was a waste of money but then I tried one with my third baby and realised how good they were. Unfortunately my 3 year old really loves it and don’t get a look in any more!

  • I hope to be able to breast feed when my son is born in November and I’ve heard the boppy is a great investment!

  • :O) …how lovely Boppy arrived today and will now be parceled up and sent to my Daughter in Law who is breastfeeding my Grandaughter .

    Thank you so much ….and well done on such a simple and clever product
    Michaela x

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