Place Names for Babies – Yes or No?

The unusual names people give their babies is one of my favourite subjects* so I was intrigued to see what name David and Samantha Cameron would give their new daughter, particularly when they said they wanted something to reflect her surprise early arrival in Cornwall.

The Prime Minister and his wife went with the Cornish “Endellion” as a middle name and they’re not alone in being influenced by a holiday destination. The Bounty Parenting Club has carried out research into baby names and found that over the past 10 years, more than 18,000 parents have named their babies after places.

Florence (coincidentally the first name the Camerons chose for their new daughter), Rio and Paris are the most popular holiday-themed names chosen by parents, closely followed by India, Sydney and Lucia. But you don’t have to go abroad – there have also been 1,255 Devons, six Brightons and four Dublins in the past ten years.

Would you – or have you – named a baby after a place? Tell us in the comments.

* My all-time favourite is Penn Gilette of Penn & Teller’s daughter: Moxie Crimefighter.

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