Mum’s Home Office: Rainy Days

We had some luck last week when it rained for three days straight. My ToysRUs toyologists box arrived, packed with goodies for my three to test while they were stuck in the house … and they have been putting them through their paces! Here are the top picks from the kids :

Sprayza StudioD, 8, got a great Sprayza Studio set – which allows you to make airbrushed pictures. It costs £7.99 and is definitely a good one for a rainy day. She also got a ‘Twist & Spin’ jewellery making set which she thought was great: I wasn’t so convinced that it was worth the price (£19.99)  – a more affordable option would simply be to buy some beads and coloured threads!

Power Rangers RPM Performance Cycle - WolfJ, 4,  was very quiet once he got his Power Ranger bike. There were lots of small bits which were a little tricky for him but lots of play value! £12.98. Less good value at £19.99 was the Ben 10 (well, actually Kevin Levin’s Laser Lance) blaster which makes one sound when you press the one button. Its J’s first toy like this and he’s very happy with it, however.

And K, 1, enjoyed zooming the lego truck from his Duplo ‘Play with Numbers’ set back and forth!Lego Duplo Play With Numbers (5497) (£19.99) Lego is always great value so we all enjoyed getting this new set of brightly coloured bricks, some with numbers and pictures to help your child learn – plus great ideas for matching games in the brochure that you can play with the bricks.

The final big hit was the Toy Story Go Glow Nightlight. This is a rechargeable night light and torch which the boys love having in their bedroom. It isn’t cheap at £19.99 but has lots of potential for both a play torch and a night light.

Have you tried any of these toys? What do you think? And have you got any suggestions for rainy Autumn days when big boxes of toys don;t appear at the front door?

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  • The toys sound fab – Lego has been a massive hit in our house!It’s impossible not to be wildly entertained making lego structures/towns/spaceships/vehicles and surely all that imagination and creativity is a really, really good thing!

    Rainy Autumn days are made for cooking with the kiddos – it’s amazing how much entertainment you can get from some cookie dough and cutters!!! Gingerbread men or Fairy cakes are great, as you can decorate afterwards. Or making super chocolatey brownies, licking the spoons/bowls keeps my two quiet for ages… not to mention scoffing a couple of brownies each once they are cooked…

  • I think Lego is great – really good value for years and years – we still have some Lego from my childhood!

    Cooking is a good idea for rainy days!

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