5 tips for busy Mums to reduce their waste

Taking care of your children, partners, homes, friends, parents and careers is a full time job, let alone trying to save the environment! Doing the ‘green’ thing can feel like another chore on top of your already hectic schedule.

Here are 5 tips from Mrs Green at myzerowaste.com to help reduce your waste which can be easily fitted around your other commitments:

1- Turn your fridge upside down!

How many times have you found slimy greens or mouldy veggies in your salad drawers? Spend five minutes moving less perishable items such as jars of mayonnaise or pickle into the drawers and put salads and vegetables on the top shelves where you can keep an eye on things. Never again will you suffer from ‘out of sight, out of mind slimy lettuce’ syndrome.

2- Bags to go

Take ten minutes to source your favourite reusable shopping bags, a large cardboard box for visiting farm shops and a selection of lidded containers you can use at a butchers or deli counter. Place them in a handy spot where you won’t forget them – next to the front door or near to your car keys for example. You’ll banish that ‘I left my bags at home AGAIN!’ feeling forever.

3- Recycling area

This might need an hour’s initial time commitment, but setting up a designated recycling area in your home will make you much more likely to use it and save time in the long run. Find out what is collected from your kerbside and find suitable containers for things you can take to local Bring Banks. Arrange them in your space and get your family on board with recycling. The aim is to make it easier to recycle than throw things in the bin.

4- Leftovers or ingredients?

If TV and cookery books are to be believed, we’re all time poor when it comes to cooking. What could be quicker and more nutritious than using up soft fruits for a breakfast smoothie, whizzing wilted vegetables into a hearty soup or mixing last night’s veggies with pasta and mayonnaise for lunch? Using up leftovers to make ‘convenience’ meals is quick, simple, reduces waste and saves money reserved for your Junk removal service.

5- Gadget Queen

This season’s investment trends are a breadmaker and slow cooker! Gather together your ingredients, put them in the breadmaker, set the timer and you’ll wake up to the aroma of fresh bread. In the morning it will take ten minutes to prepare the ingredients for a delicious stew or casserole and by the end of the day you’ll be feasting like kings on convenience food at a fraction of the cost and zero plastic packaging.

Mrs Green and her family created just one dustbin of waste for 2009; everything else was reused, recycled or composted. This week is National Zero Waste Week, where you can win prizes for reducing your food waste. Sign up at myzerowaste.com/zero-waste-week

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