Do You Want Your Own Business?

If you’d love to create your own business but are unsure where to start, read on

“Start a Family-Friendly Business: 23 brilliant ideas for business mums” is on sale from 15 September 2010.  if you know this is the book you need,

pre order Start a Family-Friendly Business now

Running your own business from home is a dream shared by millions of British mums.

  • Do you need more information about what makes a great business?
  • Do you want an insight into which business ideas have worked well for other mums
  • Do you need advice on planning to launch a successful business?

“It’s one thing to have an idea for a business, and the desire to work flexibly around family life, but quite another to be confident that your idea is viable, to put money behind it and to make sure your business is set up in a professional and legitimate way. If you are concerned about putting your family life under pressure by taking on a new challenge when you’ve no experience of enterprise, buy Start a Family Friendly Business. Our book gives you a real insight into the benefits and considerations of running different kinds of businesses.”

Packed with practical advice to help budding mumpreneurs launch the business that’s right for them, Antonia and Helen’s book features over 120 proven ideas for flexible work and goes in-depth with 23 of them. Covering businesses as diverse as life coaching, childcare, personal training, cleaning, graphic design and journalism, the book outlines the pros and cons to give readers a detailed and realistic basis for decision-making.

“The 23 business ideas we’ve focused on are tried, tested and achievable. Using the information we share in the book, you can work out which business would work for you, playing to your skills and strengths as well as fitting in with the demands of family life.”

Buy Start a Family Friendly Business to learn how different businesses could work for you, with specific and practical options to consider. The book also includes no-nonsense tips to help mums take the first step on the road to successful self-employment, ranging from advice about business planning and complying with legislation to finding help with marketing and promotion.

Start a Family-Friendly Business: 23 brilliant ideas for business mums” is on sale from 15 September 2010.  if you know this is the book you need, pre order Start a Family-Friendly Business now!

Order and pay today and your book will be dispatched on 15th September

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