Back To School Bedtime Battles?

So, the kids are back at school and we’ve got our morning schedule organised, but have you noticed how exhausted they are?  If you’re having difficulty getting your child out of bed in the morning, maybe it’s because they’re not getting enough sleep.

Obtaining enough sleep is essential for your child’s emotional, physical, and academic well-being.  So instead of stressful morning wake ups, maybe we need to put in place a healthy night time sleep routine.Therapist Heather Bestel from Magical Meditations 4 Kids, has 3 top tips for getting our kids back into a healthy sleep routine.

1.  Create winding down rituals. Kids love routine so get them into the habit of getting ready for sleep. Set a bedtime and then work backwards.  An hour before bedtime start to focus on relaxing. Dim the lights and switch off the TV.  This will allow their minds time to calm down.

2.  Do things that make them feel cosy and comfortable and their whole body and mind will get ready to sleep. Most children respond really well to a warm bubble bath, it’s a fast way to let go of stress and tension and it feels wonderful stepping out of a warm bath and into a fresh pair of pyjamas.

3.  Once they are in bed, let them listen to a relaxing CD or story. This can help their minds to settle, ready for peaceful dreams.  It’s a great way for kids to unwind and relax and it gets their minds and bodies ready for sleep.

These are all simple things that we all know about; it’s just getting into the habit of doing them consistently that does the trick.

Heather Bestel created Magical Meditations 4 Kids to help parents solve some of their biggest problems:  Building their child’s self esteem, helping them let go of worries and get a peaceful night’s sleep – in short: Be Happy & Confident.

You can get your very own MP3 of one of Heather’s most popular relaxations to help your child get a good night’s sleep tonight.  Just visit her site: and sign up.

Once your child starts to sleep peacefully, so can you!

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