PR: What does your target read?

Today, there are many different avenues open to entrepreneurs looking to get the word out about what their business offers. From traditional print media to the world wide web, there is enormous scope to use public relations to get journalists to provide independent coverage of what is going on in your business. And email, the internet and SMS messaging have opened up a whole new range of ways to market your business beyond flyers and direct mail. What is more, many of these methods can be affordable, even to small businesses and sole traders. The main thing you need to do is create some time. As long as you are prepared to commit a few hours to make a plan, then follow up with a few minutes work every day, it is easy to use simple and affordable promotion techniques on a regular basis to watch your business grow. So, this week, simply plan in some regular time to work on your business promotion. Would 30 minutes every morning slot into your routine, or would it be easier in the evening? Just find a time that works for you and commit to do some promotion every day.

Planning how you will promote your business is an essential part of a healthy enterprise. Try to work out a plan for the year ahead. This will help you continue with promotional activities at both busy and quiet times, vital if you want the keep up your business profile. Start by writing down all the different promotional activities you can think of. Include ideas that have worked well in the past, and things you see working for competitors. Look on small business sites on the internet for more inspiration. Talk to people at networking groups, face to face or online, and ask what works for them. Ask mums at the school gate, at toddler groups or nursery what makes them choose a product too. Then, using a spreadsheet or year planner, note down which activities you will do when.

Make sure you have a spread of activities throughout the year. Look at where you have gaps and see if you can come up with an event or have a special offer so that you have things to promote all year round. Try to make one phone call or send a few emails every day. Continuous effort is far more effective than big bursts of promotion without any follow up.

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