Book Review: Create A Successful Website by Paula Wynne

Paula Wynne, who became an award-winning businesswoman after a shoulder trauma changed her career and set her on a new journey, has faced personal adversity that would challenge even the toughest women, and this month achieves her lifelong dream of becoming an author when her first book, Create a Successful Website is launched. And she is giving everyone the chance to win a free website in her Amazon book launch.After putting a few traumatic years behind her, Paula was stirred to share her experience with others. She wanted to write a practical guide about creating a successful website for the beginner from a beginner’s point of view – the kind of book she couldn’t find when she was creating her website. She wrote it for anyone who wants a website presence, from a student profile or simple hobby site to a full throttle online business.

Paula’s story is an inspiration for women across the UK as she has overcome significant personal adversity when her shoulder was dislocated in a minor operation only a day after being made redundant, and she had to have reconstruction surgery with metal plates. During this time she co-founded a new online business dedicated to helping people find flexible home based work. Despite the pain and trauma, she wrote this practical book to guide readers through the daunting and complex world of setting up a website. One review has likened the book to having a ‘web-savvy mate chatting you through all the steps’.

The traumatic process of stabilizing her shoulder was long and painful with endless sleepless nights – while still being accustomed to a new live-in relationship. Refusing concoctions of heavy medication Paula struggled through the nightmare of lethargy, depression and emotional mood swings caused by lack of energy and sleep deprivation. The long months in a sling to stabilize her shoulder led to weight gain and another complication. When the time came to start physiotherapy, Paula was snared by frozen shoulder. Living through incredible pain and two further shoulder operations to release the frozen capsular tissue, Paula felt as if the trauma would never end.

During this time Paula and Ken set up a new business dedicated to home working. They wanted to give skilled professionals the ability to work from home and their business has quickly grown into the biggest independent job board dedicated to flexible working and home business options. The ability to help Ken, even in her condition, sustained Paula’s sanity and she won a Top 100 Business position in Barclays Trading Places Award.

Turning her life around five years ago by losing three stone and dropping several dress sizes, gave Paula the courage and motivation to go to the Cannes Film Festival to find a producer for her screenplays, which she wrote while raising her son.

Paula’s inspiring tale, her warm enthusiasm and her ‘breath of fresh air’ soon received invitations to speak at events. After being invited by BT to speak at the everywoman conference in November 2009, Paula left buzzing with ideas and while on the train home she scribbled away at the seeds for Create A Successful Website.

On Christmas Eve 2009, she was offered a publishing contract for Create A Successful Website and the follow up book due out in December, Pimp My Site.

Writing two books, losing weight and reviving her ambitions during ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ has been part of Paula’s 2010 goals, along with growth plans for their business to become the global leader for the home working world. A woman with sheer determination and strong-will can move mountains.

Paula has already had significant praise for the book from a range of celebs and top entrepreneurs and said: “It is very exciting to see my dream come true and to know that I could, in some small way, help others to create a successful website or online business.”

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