Media Op: Career Change 35+

Did you have a change of career after being made redundant? Have you taken over another business? Or are you a female barrister?

A national women’s glossy magazine is looking for women over 35 who have changed career direction after redundancy. Ideally you will have moved into another area of employment, as opposed to starting up your own business, but all stories will be considered. If redundancy gave you the push you needed to pursue your dream career, or maybe you’d never thought of changing jobs before but it gave you inspiration to retrain and try something new, whatever the story, if this sounds like you or someone you know, please get in touch.
ALSO, have you changed career by taking on an already established business 9aged 35+. Perhaps it was a family business that you’ve taken on, or maybe it was a cafe you always visited that came up for sale. Whatever the story, if you’ve recently taken on an already established business and changed your career path, please get in touch.

AND, are you over 35 and have recently become a barrister? I’m after women who have had a complete career change in the last few years to do this.

For all these enquiries, contact with a bit about yourself, and attach a colour photo to your response and I’ll pass it on.

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